What You Should Do Right Now in Response to the 2018 Peak Season Surcharges from UPS and FedEx

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For most residential (B2C) shippers, the cost of using UPS and FedEx over the upcoming holiday season is about to increase thanks to the recently announced Peak Season Surcharges. The amount of the increase, however, depends on the carrier. UPS shippers are again most impacted this year, and we are recommending that many act now to help mitigate potentially significant additional costs. 

You can access the full report – click here. (no sign-up or email required).

As with all rate announcements from the carriers, we recommend a detailed review of the impact of the changes on your specific shipping program. The real impact of all peak season surcharges is individual to each company. Contact us via www.transportationimpact.com for a no obligation consultation to help you understand precisely what the changes mean to your shipping costs.

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