UPS Expands Peak Season Surcharges to include Ground Residential, Large Packages, and SurePost – Effective May 31, 2020

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UPS has made the following announcement regarding additional Peak Season Surcharges that will go into effect May 31, 2020.

From the UPS website:

Peak Surcharge – Applied to UPS® Ground Residential and UPS SurePost® Packages: A Peak Surcharge will apply to certain UPS Ground Residential (as defined in the UPS Tariff/Terms and Conditions of Service) and UPS SurePost packages, for all U.S. origins and destinations, for qualifying customers whose combined volume of Ground Residential and SurePost packages during the prior week exceeded the customer’s average weekly volume for February by more than 25,000 packages (“Initial Threshold”).

Ground Residential (until further notice): $.30 per package

SurePost (until further notice): $.30 per package

Peak Surcharge – Applied to Large Packages: A Peak surcharge will apply to qualifying customers who shipped more than 500 Large Packages during the prior week, for all U.S. origins and destinations (“Initial Threshold”). Large Packages are defined as packages with length (longest side of the package) plus girth [(2 x width) + (2 x height)] combined exceeding 130 inches, or with length exceeding 96 inches.3 Once the Initial Threshold has been met in any week, the Peak Surcharge will apply to all Large Package shipments at any time regardless of volume in the amounts set forth in the chart below to the indicated service levels and during the specified Peak Periods:

All Service Levels until further notice: $31.45 per package

You can read the complete announcement here:

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