2020 Parcel Delivery Peak Season Surcharges Explained

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It’s no surprise that the small parcel carriers have gone BIG with their 2020 Peak Season Surcharge announcements. Heck, even the USPS has announced its first-ever seasonal surcharges. But there’s a lot that’s different this year that shippers need to understand and consider. For obvious reasons, the whole shipping industry has already been disrupted significantly in 2020, and the carriers are clearly wary of what’s to come as the holiday season approaches.

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This analysis breaks down the details of each carrier’s Peak Season Surcharges so you can understand their impact on your small parcel costs during the year’s busiest shipping season. And as always, contact us for a no-obligation analysis on how the surcharges will impact your company’s shipping costs. Don’t forget there are already many COVID-related fees in place from both carriers that will compound the impact of these new surcharges.

So you can easier understand how your shipping costs will be affected by these announcements, our pricing experts will have custom reports ready in the coming days. These are complicated times for the industry, so paying close attention to your small parcel costs is more important than ever.

Contact info@transportationimpact.com to receive a custom analysis of what the GRI, and all the recent Peak Season Surcharges, will mean to your company. Your personalized report will detail the cost impact TO YOU of all the current fees and surcharges from both the UPS GRI and FedEx GRI.

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