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Your team keeps doing what they do best, while our software digs deep into your shipping landscape to unearth the treasure trove of audit errors. Refunds will automatically show up on your FedEx® and UPS® invoices.

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The Dashboard . . . Advantage!

Power up your competitive advantage and open the door to incredible savings opportunities. The built-in Intelligent Optimization Advisor (IOA) will elevate your shipping game and give you a real competitive edge.

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90 Day Recovery $79,032.45. That’s how much money you recovered in the last 90 days thanks to our invoice audit. Magic money that appeared without you lifting a finger. Time to celebrate with an expensive cup of coffee.
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90 Day Opportunities $203,409 waiting for you to claim it. Drill down to see exactly where the inefficiencies are and how you can eliminate them. Easy fixes like Air-to-Ground optimization, avoiding unnecessary fees and surcharges, and other savings opportunities in your unique shipping patterns.
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Shipments by Destination Glance at the heat map and see where your shipments are going to. This tells you a lot about your business – like where your customers are concentrated and which customers are experiencing delivery times that are too long.
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Spend by Service Level This tool will show your costs to serve customers at different service levels and answer the question – are you charging enough for shipping? It can also show where moving volume to lower per-package-cost service levels can generate savings.
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Shipping Summary Each dot represents a day you shipped in the last 90 days. Analyze package-level detail and make better decisions. Change the competitive nature of your business.
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Ready. Set. Audit.

1 out of 4 addresses in the U.S. receive a package audited by TI. Here are 6 great reasons we should audit yours.

Free Money

Free 30-day trial. Freedom from obligation or contract. Honest, it’s free money.

Spotless Invoices

Our technology analyzes your invoices so they’re accurate. We find every refund you’re owed — down to the cent.

No Work for You

No headache and no fuss — our technology does the work. Sit back. The savings will show up — just watch.

Data-Driven Opportunities

It’ll be easy to use your data for even more good. Our free Dashboard turns the promise of BIG DATA into savings.

Free Extras

Get industrial-grade shipping optimization tools and drive a more efficient logistics operation.

Hard & Soft Dollars

You’ll see short- and long-term savings by grabbing the low-hanging fruit — and better strategic planning, too.

We’ll find your refunds. All of ’em!

And you won’t have to lift a finger.

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No risk to you — only benefits

Make no mistake, there are errors on your small parcel invoices — the problem is you probably just have no good way to catch them. The carriers make it hard to spot billing mistakes. And when you do, it’s even harder to file a claim to get back the money they owe you. This is where we come in.

We’ll recover a month’s worth of billing errors for you at no charge — you keep ALL the savings. We’re that confident there is money to be found. After the 30-day trial, you only pay us a portion of the credits we find!

No risk? I’m in!

Savings you can roll to the bank

Up to 5% of all packages you ship are eligible for refunds because of carrier errors — late deliveries, invalid resi-surcharges, and other billing mistakes. This is money that’s owed to you. We find those $$ and bring them back as refunds that show up on your FedEx® and UPS® invoices. That’s an instant 2%–5% in hard-dollar savings on your small parcel spend.

On top of those bankable savings, our Intelligent Optimization Advisor finds 3%–7% in soft-dollar savings that drop to your bottom line for the long term.

Bring me my savings!

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Hands-free audit scrubs your invoices

If you’ve put your carrier invoices under a microscope, you know they’re a mess. That’s no accident on the carrier’s part — this makes catching their errors almost impossible. The more you ship, the more errors there will be. What’s the only thing more difficult than finding the errors? Submitting the claim to get your refund.

It shouldn’t be this way.

But it is.

We have the solution, though. Week after week our industrial-grade and industry-leading technology scrubs your invoices clean, line by line. Then, we chase down every cent due to your company to make sure you get every credit, every time.

It’s automatic and hands free, like riding a bike. Except easier. You don’t need to do anything — just sit back and watch the refunds show up.

Where’s the bleach!

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Power up your shipping

When you’re ready to turbo charge your shipping, choose from our free & optional industrial-grade add-on tools.

• Package & Invoice Genie
• Comprehensive Multi-Level GL-Coding Engine
• Advanced Reporting
• Rate Calculator
• Bulk Tracker

Supercharge me!

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Watch my video voicemail.

Emerald Isle has been my second home for many years, and I am so proud of Keith and Travis for the work they have done and continue to do. TI is now delivering savings to clients across the country, and the company has been really impressive to see in action!

What I see in the team are qualities that breed success — passion, a strong work ethic, integrity, and professionalism!

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4-Time ACC and SEC Coach of The Year – 406 Wins

Coach Dave Odum

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