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6 BIG reasons shippers love TI’s FedEx® & UPS® Negotiation Services

With over $680 million in savings and 990+ satisfied customers to date, smart shippers love Transportation Impact. And you will too.



A Big Guarantee in Writing

Your free savings projection comes with the industry’s only 1/10 of 1% guarantee. We’ll even put it in writing.

No Hidden Costs

No upfront fees, no hidden costs. You don’t save, we don’t get paid. It’s as simple as that. Period.

Simple, Fast, Easy

Imagine lowering your rates in 4 hours! That’s all the time you’ll have to put in over the 6-week negotiation. We do the rest!

Choose Your Carrier

No applecarts will be upset. Most of our clients stay with their current carrier. You can too. Or switch. As you wish.

700+ Years' Experience

Put our former FedEx® & UPS® pricing experts to work for you. You’ll have more than 700 years of experience on your side.

Weekly Report Card

See where every penny comes from and hold us accountable with a weekly report card. It’s tangible. It’s measurable.

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Watch my video voicemail.

When you first reached out to me, I would never have believed that only a few weeks later we would have resolved it in such a favorable fashion. I was reluctant when you first approached me.

Often things that sound too good to be true, are. But in this case, it wasn’t. In that first period, I saved $2500 in one week alone, which was phenomenal!

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Founder & CEO of SCOTTeVEST

Scott Jordan

Lower your rates. It’s what we do.

It ain’t rocket science. It’s data science.

You’re overpaying FedEx® & UPS®. A lot.

Put our former FedEx® & UPS® pricing experts to work for you. We’ll analyze your shipping spend and find 15%–25% in hidden savings on your current carrier agreement.

Armed with the industry’s most powerful rate analyzer, we’ll carefully inspect your specific shipping data down to the package DNA. It’s fast. It’s easy. And it could save your company millions.

Let’s get to work! >

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Three illustrated people working around an oversized calculator. One person is holding a microscope, one is pulling off one of the calculator buttons and discovering cash, and the third person is holding a clipboard. On the calculator screen is 17.9%

Hidden savings

The savings are there. Trust us. You just can’t see them. It’s down here in the weeds, hiding well out of sight, where the real cost reduction is discovered.

Savings that are easily missed by others 90% of the time. Even your very own carrier rep will be hard-pressed to locate these discounts.

Let’s find my cash! >


Experience. We’ve got it.

If real estate is all about great location, rate negotiation is all about great experience. Not just any experience, though. You need an experienced pricing and rate analytics team who not only find the extra savings, but who can add those savings to your bottom line.

Everything changes with Transportation Impact at your side. You’ll have more than 700 years of combined pricing and small parcel analytics knowledge working for you. You’ll save a lot of valuable time and money on your small parcel agreement and eliminate all the potential hassles of negotiating alone.

Don’t tell me! Show me! >

Four people sitting and standing around an oversized contract.

A guarantee. In writing.

Your 3-day analysis is the most comprehensive and accurate breakdown in the industry. In fact, we’re so confident, we’re willing to guarantee your generated savings projection to 1/10 of 1% — in writing. We’re that accurate. We’re that confident. You’ll get every penny of that projection.

Free? 3 days? Go! >

Easy does it.

Who doesn’t like easy? You’ll find the TI process of negotiating with your carrier simple and enjoyable. That’s because we do most of the work. Right from the start. You won’t be poring over old invoices and digging up files.

From what to ask for, when to ask for it, and how to ask for it, we’ll ensure you keep the negotiation moving along, and in your favor.

Starting the moment you say, “Let’s do it!,” you can count on putting in no more than 3 to 4 hours of (really easy) work over the course of the 6-week negotiation. That’s it. Simple!

Give me easy! >

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Keep your carrier. If you like.

“But I’m gonna have to switch carriers!” We hear it all the time. Don’t worry. You can switch carriers or not, as you wish. Most — 95% — of our clients choose to stay with their current carrier.

You want to reduce your shipping costs, not upset the applecart. Rest assured. We’re former FedEx® and UPS® pricing and analytics wizards. We’ll customize a savings blueprint from your current data so you can keep on rolling with your preferred carrier.

At the end of the negotiations you’ll not only enjoy significant cost reduction with your current carrier (if you choose), you’ll also appreciate getting better service, and you’ll be taken a lot more seriously.

Keep my carrier? YES! >

Coach and counsel

No matter what your carrier rep promises as their bottom line, we can still find savings no one else can. But finding savings and getting savings are two different things.

We make it easy. And you become the company superhero.

That’s because we stay on the sidelines and counsel you, while you get all the glory. And you’ll probably be done with your part of it in less time than it takes to broadcast an NFL game, with just a 3- to 4-hour commitment over the course of the 6-week negotiation.

Put me in, Coach! >

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Proof’s in the savings

We only get paid a portion of the savings we actually generate for you, so it motivates us to find maximum savings. You’ll notice immediately that your carrier invoices are a lot lower. Big-picture savings will be obvious.

But it’s important to see where every penny saved comes from.

You’ll receive a weekly report card with proven savings to hold us accountable. It’s math. It’s tangible. It’s measurable.

I made it this far. I’m ready! >

Watch our fancy negotiation animation.

Give me a FREE analysis!

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TI developed a strategy that was second to none. They even anticipated the next moves from all carriers and explained them to me well in advance. As a result of negotiations we were able to cut our small package spend by over 25%!

If reducing cost while maintaining current service levels is a priority for your business, then hire the staff at TI.

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