Let’s Talk Ship.

Join us the third Thursday of every month for our informative supply chain webinar, Let’s Talk Ship.

5 Illustrated people sitting in chairs in a classroom setting on top of a huge laptop, with a woman on screen next to "Let's Talk Ship" and the Transportation Impact logo.

Most companies rely on UPS and FedEx as key parts of their small parcel delivery network. The solutions both provide are irreplaceable, yet few shippers view either as partners. The problem is the carriers’ opaque pricing, complex service agreements, poor billing accuracy, and short-notice rate changes (e.g., surcharges, fees, and GRIs) create an antagonistic relationship when collaboration would be better for both sides.

The good news for small parcel shippers is that information is the great equalizer when it comes to managing your relationship with UPS and FedEx. As a shipper, you just need to overcome that information gap and the problem of ‘not knowing what you don’t know’ that carriers thrive on.

Giving you the ideas, insight, and data to be confident you are getting the best rates and service from the small parcel carriers is the mission of our new webinar series: Let’s Talk Ship.

Let’s Talk Ship presents specific and actionable information every small parcel shipper can use to lower their costs and improve the efficiency of its parcel shipping operation.

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