FedEx Announces SmartPost GRI for 2021

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In mid-September, FedEx announced its standard 4.9% annual General Rate Increase. Not included was mention of changes to FedEx SmartPost rates — but the small parcel carrier has recently announced it will institute rate increases for this service in line with its main 2021 GRI. The increases are similar in that they are conservative overall and of similar amounts compared to last year.

An exception is that most weights under 10 lbs. have larger increases compared to 2020. This is notable because most SmartPost users know this service level is not optimal for shipments over 10 lbs. Gross rates at higher weights can become punitive, as the carriers would prefer to move those packages themselves (as opposed to handing off final delivery to the USPS, as is done with SmartPost) and assess the residential surcharge. 

Current FedEx SmartPost shippers should contact us at for an analysis detailing how the GRI will impact their small parcel shipping costs in 2021.

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