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FedEx® & UPS® Negotiation FAQs

Did you know that 85% of all data we analyze show money left on the negotiating table?

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How much will I save?

Probably around 15% off your total small parcel spend, but that’ll depend on a number of factors, of course. What’s important is you’ll know your cost savings within 1/10 of 1% before we start anything. We are that confident in our process.

How much will it cost me?

Nothing if you don’t save money. We work on a performance-based model and are only paid a percentage of your realized savings. Everything is measured, documented, and audited for each shipment.

How do I know Transportation Impact can save me money?

Because we have to — it’s the only way we get paid. You’ll know going in exactly what you will save, and if we don’t hit that amount there’s no cost to you. That’s okay, because we know the rates you should be paying and how to get you there.

How much time will it take?

Just a few hours of your time, spread out over a few weeks. We lead you through a simple series of steps. It’s that simple — check out what our customers are saying if you have any doubts.

Savings predictions are great, but what if the results are not there?

With us it’s a savings guarantee, not just a guesstimate. If we do not meet the savings target we’ve committed to, there’s no cost to you. Period.

Can I keep my carriers?

Yes, you can use whatever carriers you want. All your contracts remain between you and the carriers, too.

Will this impact my carrier relationships?

Not at all — other than them working a little harder for you because your agreements are better. We are completely behind the scenes, and the carriers don’t know that Transportation Impact is involved. All the while, we are engaged and working with you every step of the way.

Lots of companies offer similar promises — how is Transportation Impact different?

You’re right, many do. Rather than us tell you how we’re better, we’ll let our customers do that.

How can Transportation Impact possibly be better at negotiating our rates?

Of course, you know your business best. But we give you something you don’t have — real market rate data. We also know to the penny the carriers’ cost structures and the margins they are willing to accept. Without this information advantage, a shipper is negotiating in the dark and leaving money on the table.

Our rates are already low, so how can you still save us money?

A lot of companies we work with are convinced their rates are already the best. Truth is, that’s often not the case, unfortunately. And although they may be great negotiators, every shipper is always operating at an information disadvantage. We give you an information advantage and offer you a no-risk way to find out just how good your rates really are.

Can you help with pricing agreements that were just signed?

Yes. There is no need to wait for any current agreements to expire. In fact, very few of the agreements we help negotiate are at the end of their term. Business needs change — your small parcel rates need to reflect that at all times.

FedEx® & UPS® Audit & Optimization

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How much will we save?

You’ll typically see 1%–5% in hard savings off your small parcel spend, with up to another 7% in soft savings. Our incentive is to catch as many errors as possible because we are only paid a percentage of your realized savings.

How much does it cost?

We only charge a fee when you save hard dollars, and everything is fully transparent and measured. If you don’t get a refund, there is no cost to you. Obviously, this means we need to show results. We share 50% of the refunds captured.

Will hiring Transportation Impact affect my carrier relationships?

Not at all. The money recovered is money the carriers already know they owe you. The problem is they make it very hard for you to know when a refund is owed . . . and make it even harder for you to get it. We help with both. The money we recover is nearly impossible for you to recover on your own.

How much of my time does the process take?

Practically none — the process is largely automated. From a single weekly shipment summary, we do our thing. All you see is one invoice each week that includes all your shipment detail and savings.

How is Transportation Impact different from its competitors?

We’ll let our customers answer that one.

Am I locked into a contract?

Nope. You can cancel at any time. It’s as simple as that.

How do I know I’ll save money?

Easy. We offer a free 30-day test where we do the work and you keep all the savings. We charge nothing for the test, and it’ll give you confidence that the process works as promised.

Are you just a freight payment company?

Definitely not. We’re experts at understanding rate agreements, which is how we are able to recover the largest refunds. We are also a technology company and provide customers with an online dashboard and other tools that allow them to make good use of the insight and big data that come out of this process.

How do we know you are finding everything we are entitled to?

Aside from having the incentive of only being paid when we do find everything, we are experts at small parcel rate agreements. We dig deep into your data to make sure we are capturing every possible refund. Each company’s rate agreement is unique, so it’s important to have experience knowing what to look for — and we do this successfully week in and week out for hundreds of customers.

Do we lose control of our shipping data?

No, it’s yours. You’ll have access to and control of all your shipping data through an online dashboard. Better yet, our process creates a lot of useful additional information about your shipping operation. We can even help you turn that data into actionable insight that will improve everything about how you ship.

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Did you know that shippers who use Command Center TMS instantly access API connections to over 1,300 carriers?

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How much can I expect to save and where does it come from?

You’ll save up to 15%–25% off your total logistics spend. This includes hard savings, like lower rates and needing fewer staff to run your transportation operation. There are also soft savings and improvements that come from real-time access to shipping data and better service to your customers.

Do I have to use your carriers?

No. It’s your decision which carriers handle your freight. Our role is simple. It is to optimize your rates with those carriers (or others we help you find, if you want) and make your logistics operations work better. We do this through our experience (see our client testimonials) and the technology we bring to your business.

Is this a shared savings model?

No. You retain all the savings (which is completely documented and transparent, by the way). We are paid a flat fee or fixed per-transaction fee, depending on the agreement.

Is it a one-size-fits-all solution?

No. Every program we build for a customer is designed based on their needs. This includes everything from how our technology is used in your operation to the people working to support it.

Is there technology behind this, or is it all smoke and mirrors?

The Command Center TMS is the technology behind what we do. It’s the real deal — offering real-time API (application program interface) connections with over 1,300 LTL and TL carriers. It can connect and integrate with any ERP, WMS, or existing TMS system. And there’s a lot more it can do!

What customer support do I get — for example, how are in-transit problems resolved?

Good question. Our technology is great at identifying problems fast — but no computer can fix some shipping problems. Every client is supported by a dedicated account support team (it’s a core component of our Logistics Control Tower) that has daily responsibility for the program — from start to finish of every load. Their priority is to proactively resolve ANY problems that come up, whether they involve shippers, carriers, or consignees.

What is the Logistics Control Tower?

The Logistics Control Tower is our process for bringing together all the disconnected parts of our customers’ logistics supply chains. It takes a truly centralized perspective (and technology) to make any logistics operation the best it can be. Rate negotiation, carrier management, load planning and optimization, track & trace, and real-time data are some of the key logistics functions optimized under the Control Tower.

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