Core Values

Our world is changing. Our values aren’t.


Work Ethic

“Work ethic means to me that you go above and beyond to get the job done at all times. It also means that you treat everyone with respect. Customers always come first — they need to be able to rely on you and trust that you will get the job done, the right way. I believe our clients do have that trust in us.”

  • Giovanna Rossi
    Giovanna Rossi Freight Services Associate



    “Integrity is simply doing the right thing, and doing what you say you’re going to do. This is a quality that is important regardless of your position in work or life. It bleeds into everything you do.”

    • Sharon Johnson
      Sharon Johnson Controller



      “To me, professionalism means projecting the genuine qualities we all possess at TI: integrity, expertise, passion for our clients and the work we do, but above all else, kindness. Someone much wiser than me told me something a long time ago I will never forget. ‘You catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar.’”

      • Jamie Vogel
        Jamie Vogel Director of Sales



        “True passion, the kind that changes your life, is much more than a feeling or a personality trait. It is the desire and drive to obtain a specific goal, dream, or lifestyle. It works on a subconscious level because it is tied directly to your other core beliefs. Passion to me, is the foundation for having no fear of failure and no limits.”



          “I’m not perfect; nobody is. But I think that whatever we take on, if we demand perfection of ourselves, we can achieve it. And anything less never feels like enough.”

          • Joey Sisk
            Joey Sisk Programmer

            Our Core Focus

            Building a company that delivers positive results by providing maximum supply chain cost reduction.