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Power in the Tower

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Meet 3PL. x100.

Drive hard cost savings and performance improvements through superior technology and superhuman customer support.

Turnkey Shipping

Shipping done right takes great technology, lower rates, and dedicated partners. We deliver all three.

Best-in-Class TMS

Logistics technology isn’t a luxury anymore — it’s the price of entry for supply chain survival. Introducing top-of-the-line TMS.

No Hidden Costs

You gain full transparency to all your rates and costs. We’ll even audit every invoice for you, before you see it.

Keep Your Carriers

You can still use the same carriers (or not). Our job is to get you the best rates and service from whomever you choose.

Build Your Control Tower

Shipping works best, and costs the least, from the right perspective. Our Control Tower lifts you up for the best view.

Use Your Data for Good

Realize the promise of Big Data by using what you already have in your logistics operation.

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Watch my video voicemail.

I remember meeting Keith and Travis back in 2014 when I gave them the Governor’s Award for Outstanding Employer, and TI’s growth since then has been amazing.

I’ve seen them save NC companies and companies across the country millions. And everybody wins . . . it is a no-brainer — the savings they deliver save jobs!

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74th Governor of North Carolina from 2013–2017

Pat McCrory

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Your logistics team.
30,000 feet above . . . everything.

TI Control Tower. Superior visibility. Tons of flexibility. Maximum efficiency.

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Command and control

Every efficient logistics operation has 3 things in common, and together they’re the core of TI’s Freight Services. Best-in-class technology (Command Center TMS), plus the best possible freight rates and industry experience (Control Tower). Make shipping the most respected department in your company.

Let’s go to work!

Automate everything

It’s not news to say a lot of companies are behind when it comes to technology adoption in their shipping operation. Stop filling out forms, making phone calls, and choosing the wrong carriers. Thanks to Command Center TMS, cost is no longer an excuse for doing things the old way. Command Center removes the clunky manual steps in your logistics process.

Let’s work smarter!

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Negotiate smarter

Getting better LTL rates takes an information advantage — it’s not about beating up carriers. It’s about smarts. This only happens when you know how LTL carriers build their rate models and what competitive rates actually look like. We give you both. All contracts stay between you and your carriers — simple.

Let’s lower my rates!

Freight Invoice Audit and Payment

Errors happen on 3%–5% of carrier freight invoices, yet most shippers don’t audit theirs because calculating the cost of an LTL shipment is so complex. This is all in a day’s work for us, though — we check every invoice before you see it and guarantee the accuracy. Be confident you are paying what you should be, and no more.

Guaranteed? I GOTTA SEE THIS!

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1300 carriers at your fingertips

Sometimes you need options, so we make it easy to use any carrier you want. Our Command Center TMS provides live API connections to over 1300 carriers that ensure accurate rates and service times, and timely track & trace information. The whole industry is moving past EDI because it’s old technology. API is the present and future.

We want to lead. Let’s go!

Hard savings

Put your shipping on autopilot and save money at the same time — up to 25% off your current spend — with great support and powerful TMS technology. That’s no joke, and it represents how much to your company’s bottom line? Our customer support response times are even guaranteed, so you know we take service very seriously.

Save even more money? We’re in!!

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TI Freight Services on the Silver Screen

Let’s talk logistics!

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The most surprising thing besides the significant savings was the way we completely changed the LTL carriers we had been using without any delays and no customer complaints.

Robin Dunnahoe, Director Central Distribution - Superior Uniform Group
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Did we miss anything? We cover some of the basic questions we hear a lot on the FAQs page. Dive in.

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Big savings is exciting! Your brain exploding with questions? Get in touch, we’re here to help.