Parcel Auditing

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As much as 5 percent of the packages your company ships are eligible for refunds due to late deliveries and billing inaccuracies. If you’re not auditing your shipping invoices on a weekly basis, there’s a good chance your company is throwing money away. Even if you audit in-house, your return on investment likely is limited due to the resources needed to successfully identify and recover those credits.

Transportation Impact offers a non-intrusive audit that does the work for you. Our web-based proprietary software gives your invoice a 50-point inspection each week, automatically filing for credits from the carrier on all identifiable errors.

Even if your company audits its invoices internally, adding Transportation Impact’s audit on the back end will serve as assurance that your internal procedures are finding all possible refunds.

Billing for our audit is performance-based. Your company pays only a portion of the credits that Transportation Impact obtains on your behalf. If we don’t save your company money, we don’t get paid!

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