Santa makes rounds at Emerald Isle Parks and Recreation preschool class

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Emerald Isle, N.C. (December 19, 2012) – With Christmas less than a week away, preschoolers at Emerald Isle Parks and Recreation got a surprise visit from Santa Claus on Wednesday.

After handing out hugs and a couple of presents to the class, the children fired questions ranging from “Have I been naughty?” to “How do you make the reindeer fly?” in Santa’s direction.

Once briefed on the current happenings at the North Pole, the hopeful, bright-eyed youngsters did their best to stay in one spot long enough for Santa to read “Hurry Santa!” before moving on to the class’ most important objective – their Christmas lists.

Requests ranged from a pink poodle, to a rainbow colored cat, to a regular old donkey, with all other sorts of pets, toys and video games sprinkled in between.

“They’re excited about Santa Claus and whether he’s been making their favorite toys,” said Connie Bryant, who teaches the class. “They’ll put out some reindeer food filled with oats and glitter to make sure that Santa doesn’t miss their house.

“They’re sure to get a good night’s sleep on Christmas Eve because they know that Santa will not come if they’re peeking out of their doors.”

Santa will be making one last stop at the Rec Center tomorrow for Bryant’s younger students before heading back north to stock his sleigh.

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