TI provided a detailed yet concise review of our parcel freight shipments. They made recommendations that reduced our overall transportation costs and allowed us to better negotiate rates with our vendors. They have the knowledge that saved us over 20% on our parcel freight costs.

Joe Adams
President, Direct Fragrances

Transportation Impact has delivered everything they promised and more. Without hesitation, I highly recommend their services.

They are absolute experts in their field and a pleasure to work with.

Michael Lively
CEO, Direct Sports, Inc

It has been our great pleasure to work with Transportation Impact! In addition to rates, TI recognized many cost related issues such as shipment integrity, scan based billing, POD and returns, etc. They required each carrier to provide a detailed implementation plan to help us eliminate these headaches. Their understanding of our business process was thorough and concise! Transportation Impact reduced our small package rates by 23% and as a result, ISC Sales will see a minimum of $1.125 million savings during our three year carrier agreement.

Dana Eary
Vice President of Operations, ISC Sales, LLC

Maintaining our current carrier relationship was very important to us. Transportation Impact’s professionalism and effective communication preserved our relationship while improving our rates and service. Their third party perspective enabled us to leverage extensive shipping industry knowledge and experience to make significant process improvements. TI reduced our shipping costs more than $150,000 per year; a reduction in our shipping expenses of nearly 30%. It is rare to find a company that truly delivers more than they promise and TI did.

Moses Nakhle
CEO and Co-Founder Emtech Laboratories, Inc.,

Transportation Impact did an excellent job of dissecting our shipping data to determine the true characteristics of our small package makeup. This process provided TI the information needed to drive results in the negotiation process with our carrier. We anticipate reducing our shipping cost by 300K in the first year, which gives us a competitive edge.

Bobby Adams
Vice President, Neil Medical Group

In these tough economic times it is critical to consider all cost cutting options. The staff at TI exceeded even their own estimates in reducing our costs! To anyone that thinks that they can do this themselves, remember, the carriers are managing their margins, not yours! I highly recommend the TI team.

Chad Turney
President & CEO, Shadow Mountain, Inc.

Transportation Impact cut Eastern Skateboard Supply’s small package freight expenses by more than 20%. In these economic times using Transportation Impact is a no-brainer.

Reggie Barnes
CEO & Founder, Eastern Skateboard Supply

They lowered my small package costs by 28% by helping execute a very competitive carrier agreement. They have an outstanding understanding of how parcel carriers work and their staff’s knowledge in the industry is extraordinary

King Canopy
CFO, King Canopy

Engaging subject matter experts maximized positive results to reduce my company’s bottom line cost. Transportation Impact reduced my small package cost by 20% and that was only a portion of the process improvement value that they added.

Mike Duncan
President/CEO, Sage Island :: Ultimate Design

They reduced my carrier’s bill by OVER 50%. The additional consulting that has occurred has exceeded my expectations. This has been a very rewarding experience

Doug Hazelgrove
Vice President, B-Med Pharmacy