As a result of the reporting and insight provided by the team at Transportation Impact, we have been able to identify and realize significant cost-saving opportunities. In addition to a positive effect on our bottom line, their audit has helped us optimize our processes to more efficiently utilize air vs. ground service levels and obtain better visibility on direct signature, declared value and other service charges. These measures have resulted in additional, proactive savings at no cost to our company. I give Transportation Impact my strongest endorsement.

Raj Kohli
Sony PlayStation

Initially I partnered with Transportation Impact to audit my small package shipments. The service failures they discovered have resulted in a new revenue stream for our company. I have been able to use the supporting data during my annual negotiations with competing carriers. Additionally, TI served as an expert consultant to assist in these negotiations. The entire TI Team is very professional and always available to help. Their robust systems are very user friendly. Even if you are currently using an audit company, I would strongly suggest that you investigate the scope of services that Transportation
Impact offers and the many positive ways that they can positively IMPACT your business.

Charlie DeSio
Director of Operations, RockBottomGolf.com

Transportation Impact guided our company to a 45% savings in overnight shipping. No more checking the bills for errors- The Transportation Impact Audit function does it for you!

Mike Kelly
Corporate Controller, Morse Operations, Inc

We have renegotiated better rates a number of times, but always feared that we could have done better. Transportation Impact provided the expertise to find savings by identifying where there were additional opportunities and developed a negotiation strategy that fit our style and needs while guiding us step by step through the process. They produced a result exactly as they estimated and beyond our original expectations. I highly recommend Transportation Impact as a professional organization and especially for their attention to detail, timely attentive service, negotiation expertise and knowledge of the small package delivery area. Transportation Impact achieved savings we were unable to achieve on our own.

John Ridgway
President, Zoysia Farms/The Shelburne Company

Although other companies had solicited our business, TI is the only one we decided to try out. We were not disappointed. With what appeared to a never-ending list of internal changes our company was going through before we could implement the suggested shipping changes, TI continued to stick with us. They kept in constant contact and continued to monitor our shipments, even before our new discounted rates took place. TI what to look for in rate savings that we had not considered, and obtained for us the best that could be found. There is no need to look for any other shipping partner other and Transportation Impact.

Bill Hansen
Management, KEH INC, The World’s Largest Used Camera Dealer

Transportation Impact opened our eyes to the level of discounts we might expect from our carriers. While we had been accustomed to receiving discounts and had a clear understanding of where our costs were, we were unsuccessful at achieving meaningful results until we allowed TI to negotiate on our behalf. We were able to manage communications with the carriers in a positive manner and believe the process was professional in every way. We ultimately changed carriers but not until TI examined every scenario and walked with us through the transition.

Lynne H Rabil
President, Hubbard Peanut Co., Inc.

It has been an absolute pleasure working with Keith and Travis at Transportation Impact. With their professionalism, expertise and determination in assisting me with reaching a new service agreement, we should realize significant cost savings going forward. As VP of a regional lawn and garden distribution center I wear many hats, one of which is controller. Anyplace we can reduce costs falls straight to our bottom line. We already had an aggressive contract in place; however, Keith assured me they could deliver an additional 18% to 20% and this is exactly what they did. Not only that, as a result of the negotiation process, I gained some valuable knowledge about the carriers and insight into our own operations, which should allow us to make better business decisions in the future. I would definitely recommend Transportation Impact to anyone who is looking to reduce their small parcel shipping costs and who would like to implement a service agreement that is more in line with their business needs.

Tommy Zschoche
Vice President, Operations at AES Lawnparts

TI did an incredible job as our consultant running our Small Package Bid. I performed bids myself in the past, but was amazed at their knowledge and how that knowledge led to double digit savings, even when our spend dropped from 6.5 million to 2.5 million. They are very relaxed individuals even when the stress gets too high for most. I will be utilizing the services of Transportation Impact in the future.

Allen Thornton
Former Manager, Carrier Sourcing for Reynolds Wrap

TI developed a strategy that was second to none. They even anticipated the next moves from all carriers and explained them to me well in advance. As a result of negotiations we were able to cut our small package spend by over 25%! If reducing cost while maintaining current service levels is a priority for your business, then hire the staff at TI.

John Stewart
Executive VP, Diet-to-Go

Transportation Impact has been incredible to work with. They displayed a level of professionalism and courtesy that are unmatched in my experience. With their help, we were able to cut our shipping cost by 20% across the board. We wouldn’t have known this to be a possibility without TI’s expert guidance. I strongly recommend Transportation Impact to any business owner looking to add dollars to their bottom line without investing a penny. TI is the real deal!

Eric Ingram
Founder, Truly Networks